Residential and Commercial LED lighting is increasingly becoming the #1 choice upgrade for energy efficiency, sustainability and pocket savings!

Save Money on Your Electric Bill!-JUST-LED-US-North -Bay-Ontario

Save Money on Your Electric Bill!

You can still see the abundant savings just from using the LED bulbs themselves. $2.55 per year, per bulb, at 6 hours a day (@11.6 cents per kW/hr).

Colour Temperature and Our Visual Environment

Light is what sets the tone for our visual environment. Through…
JUST LED US Help You Start Your Retrofit Today-Lighting Consultants

JUST LED US Help You Start Your Retrofit Today!

JUST LED US provides guidance by suggesting lighting solutions which saves Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients $$$,$$$,$$$. Through engagement we provide lighting audits, prepare quotes, estimates and also help serve you with the application process for retrofits and rebates.
Your Right Choice-Your Bright Choice

Your Right Choice-Your Bright Choice

The potential savings should get you lit up on how much you can potentially save with the switch! Think of an animated light bulb beside you in a cloud, "A bulb that uses less energy, what a bright idea" The fact is, that very bulb in thought will eventually transcend your decision making into what is going to save you money!
LED Ingenuity for Beauty

LED Ingenuity for Beauty

Have you ever looked into your vanity mirror while applying your final touches, thinking that everything looks flawless, only to find, moments later, that in different lighting you needed to make a few adjustments?