Trusted Provider of CSA, UL, Energy Star, and DLC Certified LEDs and LED Grow Lights in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg and all of Canada and the USA

JUST LED US Inc. is one of the fastest growing distributors of LED grow lights as well as CSA, UL, DLC and Energy Star certified LEDS in Canada and the USA. We offer inventive and eco-friendly solutions that benefit our customers’ wellness while contributing to the long-term sustainability of the environment. Our commitment to healthier living through sustainable products continues to grow as we continuously add to our selection of LEDs for more energy-efficient options available to our customers. To date, our ever expanding company ships our products including grow lights, residential and commercial LED products to Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg and other parts of the country and the US.

Company History

JUST LED US Inc. was formed because, due to a family illness, we began to think of way to eat healthier and reduce or cut our grocery costs to a minimum. We decided to utilize our love for gardening and make a vertical garden in our home using High Par COB Series LED grow lights. We were so inspired by the quality, growth, and abundance from our choice of lighting solutions that we decided to start our own business featuring the COB series LED grow lights as we felt obligated to share our successes here in Canada and abroad.

Mission Statement

JUST LED US Inc. is a Canadian corporation with its administration office in North Bay, Ontario. We are a clean tech company who provides a green, student-friendly learning environment creating an awareness of wellness through product features such as various leading edges LED lighting and gardening technologies as well as other health-related products.

Company Values

The fundamentals of our business are: People, the Environment, Products, Sustainability and Programs.

Company Organization

JUST LED US Inc. adheres to the principles of providing an equal opportunity to all applicants who are at least 18 years of age, regardless of race, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability.


Our highly esteemed management team and the talented people who work with us are delightfully helpful and passionately filled with enthusiasm!


We offer training and development for the programs we have implemented, which allows motivated people to learn the skills for life, necessary to succeed at a high level in life, whatever their aspirations may be.

Social Responsibility

At JUST LED US Inc. we place value in honest and ethical business practices. We maintain high standards of customer service and employees. We encourage informed choices as you will see while briefing through our site. We demonstrate that there is an impact on personal health and the world in association to products, partnerships, and charities when choosing our home gardening lighting solutions that contribute to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

As the trend shifts to living a more sustainable, localized lifestyle – green technology like LEDS grow lights will continue to enhance quality of life through sustainable food growing practices and inspire innovation in us all, in our home life and abroad.


JUST LED US Keep a no ink solution in mind for environmental reasons to minimize costs for the end user.

UL, CSA, Energy Star, and DLC LED Certified

Our COB series grow lights carry a CSA certificate of compliance for our Lens and Reflector series products. Also, our Residential and Commercial LED Lighting are UL, Energy Star and DLC listed. All of these certifications assure product compliance, safety and collectively are regarded as high quality products.

Conformité Européenne
CSA CUS mark to be used




Whether it’s UL, CSA, Energy Star or DLC certified/listed products, you will benefit from the highest level of quality that comes from our products as they are duly tested and certified according to Canadian and American standards.

Experience the improvements LEDs can make in your life today. Browse through our selection of UL/ CSA/ DLC and energy star certified, LED products and get the ideal addition for your garden, home, or office. JUST LED US ships LED products to multiple locations and cities in Canada and the USA including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Winnipeg.

For questions, contact us through 705.303.3797 or 1.888.276.3937 (toll free).


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