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Create Your Organic Garden

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Keeping Your LED Light at a Proper Distance

Sustainable Food Sources

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Grow Your Own Urban Organic Garden At Home or Create a Lighting Plan and Strategy for your Commercial setting with


JUST LED US agricultural solutions & grow lights.


Consult with Just LED US and be assured that you have made a green, economically sound choice.
Our Support & LED grow lights have been proven to produce larger crop yields and decrease time until harvest.


LED Grow lights

JUST LED US Agricultural, Reflector and Lens Series Grow Lights are 430nm880nm, which ultimately improves the speed of growth of your produce. Built for explosive growth, no matter the harvest.

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Commercial Lighting

Commercial product inquiries, wholesale price quotes or for an estimate for retrofit and/or new projects contact us today at 705.303.3797 or 1.888.276.3937 (toll free).

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JUST LED US Inc. believes in Judiciously Uniting Strengths Together as Leadership (&) Education Develops Understanding (of) Sustainability.

Premium LED Lights for Residential, Indoor Plants, LED bulbs, Tubes, and other Eco-friendly LEDs in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and other Cities in Canada and the USA

Grow a lush, healthy, and eco-friendly organic garden in your own home with agricultural LED solutions of JUST LED US.

Our company is a Canadian and American leader, providing a wide range of energy saving, high quality LED products in Canada and the USA. Marked by innovative technology, practical functionality, and environmentally friendly features, the LEDs we carry are ideal for your indoor plants and/or for your residential lighting needs. Our product range of grow lights to LED bulbs and tubes, you’ll find everything you need on our digital shelves, all available at reasonable rates.

Switch to JUST LED US for your Agricultural, Grow Light, Residential, Commercial and Industrial LED solutions.

Improve growth and time to yield for your commercial operations for house plants and organic items; add lighting to your living spaces that will last for years; lessen the cost of utilities in your office or establishment – all while reducing your carbon footprint. These are just some of the benefits of LED bulbs, panels, lenses, fixtures, tubes, and grow lights. With our exceptional selection of LEDs in Canada and the USA, you can enjoy huge savings on energy consumption and ultimately great value for your money.

Our products produce zero UV emissions unless specified; designed for flexibility and health, and are built for longevity and durability. At terrific online prices, our LED grow lights are not limited to greenhouse applications; you can add them to your home, commercial spaces, offices, galleries, and other properties. Browse through our products today.

Give those indoor plants a healthier growing space and experience the comforts of greener living with the LED solutions of JUST LED US. We ship our grow lights, LED bulbs, LED tubes, and other items all over Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, and other cities in Canada and the USA. For inquiries, simply give us a call at 705.303.3797.