Trade in Special

Trade in Special

Trade in Special:

At JUST LED US Inc, we realize the importance of quality of food and the nourishment that it brings. Growing food in your home has never been more economically sound, than now! We realize that we need to give in other ways so we created the ‘Trade in Special’ program.

Thankfully, just by being part of the JUST LED US Trade in Special Program you are helping others! We are collaboratively helping by reallocating units at a lower price into the ‘Refurbished’ program and this helps us give more to charity.  It is also intended to help those that are less fortunate to benefit from growing their own in home produce as well.

If your unit is 1 year or less from the original date of purchase, our database will alert us that your product may be eligible for a ‘trade in special’.

We believe in giving options for growing gardens and the Gardeners, Amateurs & Professionals alike to take advantage of ‘upgrading’ through ‘Trade in Special’ program. We realize that some people may decide to expand their current and existing gardens. You may have different ideas or something new may be in mind to be grown.

The details of your plans may require different lighting arrangements. The ‘Trade in Special’ enables customers/clients to receive a preferred customer discount of 20% credit to your account so you can move forward with your new wish list item(s) with us at JUST LED US Inc.

*Only JUST LED US Inc. head office and website administration will be handling the ‘Trade in Special’ discounts which are to be applied for clients account.

*There will be select ‘Certified Sales Representatives’ and ‘Retail Stores’ that will be qualified to ‘inspect’ your unit to predetermine the eligibility before shipping to JUST LED US Inc.  These individuals will have a certification from JUST LED US Inc. to proclaim their ability to assert quality assurance before being considered and accepted for the program.

*Customers/clients may apply to JUST LED US Inc. via contact form below to inquire about participants located in their geographic area, should this option be more convenient. If there is not a representative in the local area for Quality inspection service we will require additional information such as photos and a set of questions for your lamp to be accepted into the program.

*Products that require maintenance fall under ‘warranty’ section or ‘accidental damage’ section.

*Damaged and Accidentally damaged units are not eligible for the ‘Trade in Special ‘and are not subject to restocking for ‘Trade in Special’. This includes and is not limited to Cosmetic Damage, External sources, Malicious Damage, Natural Disasters Ex: Floods, Fires, Electrical Power line surges, Tornado’s, Avalanche, Meteor Shower, etc. unless otherwise specified. Damage caused by service (upgrades, maintenance, etc) that is performed by anyone who is not a representative of JUST LED US Inc. or a JUST LED US Authorized Service Provider.

*Defects due to normal aging of the product are considered based on company discretion.

*Customized lights are subject to acceptability in the program based on company discretion.

Trade in program is based on 1 year point of sale. All units are subject to analysis by JUST LED US Inc. for quality control before being considered for the program. If unit is found to be unsuitable for the ‘Trade in Special’ we will contact you to advise you of our decision.

*If considering the trade in special program please send email to customer service with multiple pictures and brief description of condition of product, do not send unit in without contacting us.

*All labels must be intact on unit. If a label has been tampered with; the unit will not eligible for the ‘Trade in Program’.

* Receipt is required for proof of original purchase with us as well as administration procedures. No exceptions if criteria are not filled.

*Original receipt will be ‘void’ when unit is ‘accepted’ into the program.  JUST LED US Inc. will send an email confirming acceptance of lamp into the Trade in Special program and a 20% will appear in your account.

*If all criteria are met in outline above ‘trade in special’ is considered accepted it will be further processed and you, the customer/client will be credited 20% off of their next ‘new purchase’/upgrade.

*We will differ the units and the components to our quality assurance and control personal and appropriately categorize them, according to their condition. JUST LED US products are RoHS compliant. Therefore, they are highly recyclable as there are no hazardous wastes associated to the manufacturing process.

*Your unit will be restocked and differed to the ‘Refurbishment Program’ for resale, given to charity or alternatively given to a school for educational purposes.

*JUST LED Inc. reserves the right to ‘accept’ or ‘deny’ units for the ‘Trade in Program’.

*If your unit does not qualify for the ‘Trade in Special’, JUST LED US will consider your product for ‘Recycling of Tech’.

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