JUST LED US is a clean tech company and the fundamentals of our business are Recommendations for the Use of Your UnitPeople, the Environment, Products and Sustainability. JUST LED US encourages informed choices, and we demonstrate that there is an impact on personal health, and the world, in association to products, partnerships and charities, when choosing our lighting solutions for in home gardening. When you make the choice to live a more sustainable life, you not only benefit yourself and your family, but you make a lasting contribution to environmental stewardship for the world, by not leaving a large carbon footprint behind.

As such, JUST LED US kept the “no ink solution” in mind for environmental reasons and to minimize costs for the end user. Please see our Packaging article to for more information.

JUST LED US has a Recycling Initiative and it is simple.

Here are the key factors to keep in mind when considering utilizing the program.

  • Use cardboard boxes or other packaging that can easily be recycled.
  • Send the unit in with original packaging. If you did not retain the original packaging please place your lamps into the smallest box possible.
  • To reduce the impact on the environment it is considerable to send a bulk shipment, please try to coordinate with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, social groups, church groups, or other organizations when it is possible.
  • Please include a list of contact information and the associated model and number of lamps of each individual who have contributed to the JUST LED US recycling of Technology program.
  • Send by regular priority, no express post needed.

What does JUST LED US do with the lamps that are submitted to the ‘Recycling of Tech’ program?

When we receive your lights for recycling we will remove them from the package and start by recycling the box. The lights will be processed and any material that cannot be recycled will be sorted, discarded and disposed of properly. Some parts may be tested and considered for reuse and if they are in optimal working order may be placed into the refurbished program. Any recyclables that remain will be taken to a 3rd party recycling facility.

The recycling company will further sort and salvage parts. The pieces are then further processed and sorted into the various components that make up the lights (copper, glass, metal and plastics).

What are the benefits of participating in the program?

Participating in the program is virtually the most responsible thing to do, rather than throwing the lamps into the landfill. As an added bonus, if you participate in the program, we will email you a coupon for 5% off your next purchase which will be valid for use on our website.

The 5% discount offer is available for in home purchases. Alternate coupon is negotiable on case by case basis for batch submissions or businesses.

Restrictions to the JUST LED US Recycling of Tech program may apply based on your geographical location.

JUST LED US will provide you with a prepaid shipping label! To request a shipping label or if you have any questions or comments email us at recyclingoftech@justledus.com.

Please Ship Lamps To:

Send your lights via ground to our administration office.




FedEx logo


51 Manitou Street
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
P1A 1P3

Thank you for participating in JUST LED US Recycling of Tech program.

Everyone plays an important role in Recycling proactively and together we are Judiciously Uniting Strengths Together as Leadership (&) Education Develops Understanding (of) Sustainability.