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Direct Sales & Social Media Rules and Regulations Agreement

Direct Sales & Social Media Rules and Regulations Agreement

LED US ‘Direct Sales and Social Media Rules and Regulations Agreement’. The content in this document is specific, and the details are considered to be relative sets of information for the position you are applying for. This document titled ‘Direct Sales, Social Media Rules and Regulations Agreement’ contains check-boxes for multiple components which represent an agreement, understanding and acknowledgement. Each singular section contains a mandatory field; therefore, the contact form (which is for you to fill in your personal details) will display an error message if you have not read through and agreed to each accordingly.

In short, the sections that have check-boxes are as follows: Objectives and ConditionsRates and Terms of Straight CommissionSocial Media Rules and RegulationsRenewal of Agreement and TerminationRelease of Information and PhotoEmployee Privacy PolicyCode of Conduct-EthicsBlogging-Website and Social Media Policy and lastly may we direct you to the Direct Sales & Retail Application section.

JUST LED US is an exciting, successful company that offers employees, sales representatives and retail establishments the opportunity to make a difference, and work with new and exciting technologies.

As a privately held company with an open door policy, JUST LED US takes pride in their work. We are passionate about helping you find a fulfilling job or career and desire to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our process. We are partners with leaders in the industry with regard to quality LED grow light products, customers service and after-sales and we look forward to to meeting the needs of consumers and clients together, with you!

Should you have any concerns with privacy please see our Employee Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy.

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