Request for Rep to Receive Package

    I wish to have my sales representative receive my package on my behalf.

    We are drafting this proposal to make JUST LED US Inc aware that the following is agreed upon by all parties involved.

    I understand that there are services available where a consumer can acquire 'FlexDelivery' address to make sure that a delivery is not missed. Similarly to this service my representative and I have made flexible shipping arrangements to have my order mailed to an alternate shipping address which is that of my rep and this letter will suffice to say that my representative has agreed to sign for the package at the given address.

    I release JUST LED US Inc from any and all responsibilities surrounding my alternate shipping arrangements with my representative.

    • I agree that all information contained herein is accurate, to the best of my knowledge*

    • Should JUST LED US Inc need to contact me to confirm this request please see the following information:
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