JUST LED US Proudly Supports David Suzuki Foundation

Proudly Supporting David Suzuki Foundation

3% of our net proceeds are being donated to David Suzuki Foundation.

As a customer, you will observe confirmation to this commitment on most of our promotional materials (including but not limited to letters, brochures, media releases, flyers, website content, and advertising).

JUST LED US is a clean tech company who provides a green, student friendly learning environment creating an awareness of wellness through product features such as various leading edge LED grow light technologies as well as other health related products.

JUST LED US places empathy toward areas of interest that affect humanity such as climate change, Health, our Oceans and Freshwater (drinking water). Along with most Canadians, we believe we all have the right to live in a healthy environment, to fresh air, clean water and to have safe food. JUST LED US can help you make informed decisions to reduce your carbon footprint.

Also check out the information about reducing your carbon footprint on the David Suzuki Foundation website. Small steps make a big difference on the path to living more sustainably.

JUST LED US, light Emitting Diode Grow lights are a green choice when it comes to in home and horticultural grow lights. LED technologies such as lamps, lights and tubes not only consume a fraction of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs, they have double the benefit of longer life and they contain no mercury!

To put it into perspective; by installing LEDs in a common Canadian or American household it is possible to reduce an average carbon footprint of approximately 5-7 tonnes per year.  You can just imagine how many tonnes we could save through commercial green-housing operations if everyone switched to LEDs rather than using Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium.

Our actions impact the environment. Each thing we do can help or hurt our planet in many ways. We encourage the use of LEDs in home and commercially to save money, save energy and help you grow better. LED lighting is the future and the future is now. They will help lower your utility bills, your costs associated to maintenance, you will conserve electricity and contribute to lower carbon emissions.

We encourage informed choices, we demonstrate that there is an impact on personal health and the world in association to products, and charities when choosing our in home gardening lighting solutions that contribute to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

As the trend shifts to living a more sustainable, localized lifestyle – green technology such as the JUST LED US LED grow lights will continue to enhance quality of life through sustainable food growing practices and inspire innovation in us all, in our home life and abroad.

If you share a similar passion about protecting nature and democracy please consider visiting the David Suzuki Foundation donation page. Protect yourself, people and the places you love.