Employee Handbook Rules Policies Follow at Work Guidelines

Objectives and Conditions


Set forth herein is the Objectives and Conditions

  1. Pre-employment screening; we will read over all the applications first and run a credit check only on those who are genuine contenders.

Applicants who are applying for employment or sales positions understand that we reserve the right to request a credit check/report.  The applicant may obtain their own report and submit it voluntarily.

It will be mandatory for the potential employee to have an official credit check administered by a third party named SterlingBackCheck. We will have SterlingBackCheck send you a link for this verification as a condition of the offer of employment. JUST LED US Inc. will cover the costs incurred for the service.  Our processes are compliant with PIPEDA and with provincial privacy and human rights legislation.

  1. Criminal record check is mandatory.  Representative will be required to show demonstrations in home as part of his or her job duties and as such there is a potential to be performing those tasks around, children, elderly and disabled persons. Also as part of the representative’s regular job duties there is a potential that they may be using technology to help customers administer a sale by use of personal electronic form of data transfer with customer such as computer/laptop/iPad, or any other form of mobile device.  JUST LED US Inc. will reimburse applicant for the criminal record check.

The mandatory criminal record check will be administered by a third party named SterlingBackCheck. We will have SterlingBackCheck send you a link for this verification as a condition of employment. JUST LED US Inc. will cover the costs incurred for the service.  Our processes are compliant with PIPEDA and with provincial privacy and human rights legislation.

JUST LED US at its discretion may request that the employee perform an updated ‘Background Check’ annually as per ‘Renewal of Agreement and Termination‘ and it’s agreed upon commencement dates thereof.

  1. Only a limited number of sales representatives will be agreed upon by JUST LED US Inc. therefore, positions for this offering are limited.
  2. In addition to this Direct Sales & Social Media Rules and Regulations Agreement, representative must also abide by Blogging, Website, Social Media Policy, set forth by JUST LED US Inc.
  3. Sales representatives must indicate which social media sites that they wish to use to make JUST LED US Inc. aware of their online presence within the specified sites, no exceptions.
  4. Social media sites that sales representatives are involved with shall have their personal page publicly displayed, showing details of their agreements with JUST LED US Inc. This will serve as documentation which assures the authenticity of their independent representation to clients. This will give clients a chance to reference the JUST LED US Inc. contact page for Geo-tagging to be personally assured that such representative or store is authentically involved with JUST LED US Inc.
Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement


JUST LED US Inc. openly endorses this public display of information to secure the relationship between the client and the sales representatives in an honest and ethical practice of business and as well for Corporate transparency.  This shall include publically displaying the rules and regulations set forth in the Blogging, Website, Social Media Policy, which explicitly outlines that the views and statements (content) which are displayed are solely that of the representative and not of JUST LED US Inc.

  1. If a consumer or a salesperson finds an unauthorized person portraying themselves as an official sales representative on any social media site and that if such allegation is found to be true through investigation done by JUST LED US Inc. head office and the social media site in particular JUST LED US Inc. will issue a reward for the forthcoming, honest and ethical efforts associated to the up-keep of customer trust and value at the forefront of service.

No malicious or false reports will be tolerated.

  1. JUST LED US Inc. reserves the right to revoke ‘any agreement’ that is set forth between the parties if rules and regulations are not followed therein.
  2. Sales representatives may have their personal electronic device present to help facilitate demonstration and completion of an order with a customer, should the customer decide to complete the sale on the supplied device from the representative. However, it is understood that it is not mandatory to use a representative’s electronic technology which includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets.

Closure of sale is ultimately up to the customer/client as they are welcome to connect with JUST LED US web site with their own device or computer.

Professional Consultancy

Professional Courtesy : Professional Consultancy


  1. I agree that the Client has the right to view me clearing my ‘Browsing History’ first hand, if requested. I agree that I will not preserve any information with regard to client’s information.
  2. No product shall be sold directly by a sales representative; all sales are to be administered by JUST LED US Inc. head office and ecommerce site. All orders for sales of the products shall be effective only upon acceptance by JUST LED US Inc. All credit approvals, billings and orders of the products shall be handled by the company directly.  No sales representative shall have authority to make credit approvals or collections on behalf of JUST LED US Inc.
  3. When a customer fills out the Product Registration Card the representative will be identified for commission purposes.
  4. Sometimes exclusivity will drive your customer directly to you and the rapport you have built with your client will flourish and thus such exclusivity will drive your relationship directly. Direct sales have long been a proving ground for successful business people from all walks of life. It requires self discipline, a willingness to accept a challenge and a high degree of responsibility.

As you build on your strengths within customer relations and your confidence flows through you, clients will build a grand sort of trust with you and they will stay with you for their needs as they will place their confidence in you.  There are many different types of consumers and some clientele may opt to have you receive their order or parts on their behalf, for the purpose of availability in times of ‘Unfortunate Breakdowns’ or in the case that anonymity is an issue for them.

Should this arrangement be requested by a client, JUST LED US Inc. requires a drafted letter signed by all parties including the client and the sales representative outlining the arrangements that are being requested.  Representative must agree to sign for the package and it is expected that this is included and agreed upon, within the drafted outline.

  1. Sales representative shall maintain their own schedule and shall determine in their sole discretion the manner of performance and the amount of time to devote to the social impact relative to the sales of the products. JUST LED US Inc. may, from time to time, establish performance goals for representatives to obtain. The failure of the representative to reach these performance goals may be cause for termination of agreement.