Lens Series

Our LED lights emit light in any spectrum your crop requires, customized or full spectrum which is effectively absorbed by plants, it ultimately improves the speed of growth and increases the quantity and quality of output.

The solutions have other benefits for reasons such as less power consumption, better quality of produce, less heat is created so there is no need to worry about heat stress, long life expectancy and almost zero maintenance costs.

JUST LED US show you how to save money by growing your very own indoor garden with our lighting solutions weather you choose from our Reflector Series or our Lens Series, you have made a good choice by growing with us.

This is what initiated our garden growing journey in our home.
For commercial services please inquire directly.

Our super LED Grow Lights are built of the latest in integrated technologies for best color uniformity, and patented optic designs, which enables fast plant growth, maximum yield and return on investment


Reflector Series

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