Set forth herein below are the ‘Rates and Terms of Straight Commission’

By definition, salesperson compensation is a method in which only a percentage of the sales volume, but no fixed salary, is paid.  The amount received by a salesperson is a function of his or her performance (and not of actual time worked) reflected in sales volume.

The 90 day Money Back Guarantee interval must run its course before sales representative will be given commission/bonuses-offers.  Sales representative will be remunerated for the commission of the initial point of sale once said interval set out above passes.

Rates & Terms of Straight Commission

Rates and Terms of Straight Commission


Jr. Social Sales ($0 to $999)

Security deposit for demo lamp is returned, commission of 5% is applied.

Sr. Social Sales ($1000 to $2499)

Rep gets increase to 10% for exceeding base sales commission.

Social Sales Leader ($2500 to $4999)

Rep gets 5% increase moving their earnings capacity to 15% commission and Representative can send their personal lamp in to JUST LED US Inc. and receive an upgrade lamp as a Gift/Bonus, for their sales aptitudes and personal use.

Senior Social Sales Leader ($5000 to $9999)

Representative receives a 5% increase moving their earnings capacity to 20% commission.

Representative can send upgraded personal lamp in to JUST LED US Inc. and receive another upgrade lamp as a Gift/Bonus if they so choose or alternatively receive a secondary lamp for their sales aptitudes and personal use.

Social Sales Manager ($10000 career sales + minimum monthly sales of $2500 for 12 months) {Eligibility for bonus}


Representative will receive bonus increase with incentives varying in offers based on company’s decision such as, mobile devices including tablets/iPads or laptops.  Based on performance, JUST LED US potentially will give contributions to a representative or their dependents such as education savings plans, scholarships.

Potentially, JUST LED US Inc. may make a contribution to invest into the individual sales representative themselves for their own personal education for a successful future in life abroad.

Should this individual possess the willingness to place the aptitude of a positive attitude and their strengths towards ongoing learning in the business and everyday related activities JUST LED US Inc. will further consider employing these graduates during their journey in college and University to further secure income in their efforts of self worth.

Alternative Incentive Program

As outlined above our alternative incentive program that is offered is a reimbursement of base cost (before taxes) for introductory lamp who meets the qualifications below.  The sales representative must meet all qualifications of the sales Rep and will be paid commissions only for orders submitted and approved based on the schedule outlined above.  All commissions to the sales representative are not considered wages, salary or employment in any way.  The alternate incentive program shall be reimbursed in the fashion given.

How Do I get Paid?

As orders are received, reviewed and if accepted by the company’s Administrative office in North Bay, ON, shipments will be made directly to customer.  The company agrees to pay sales representative commission on all accepted orders that are shipped and retained by customer.  The commission rates begin at 5% and increase based on career sales (see above).

*If sales representative supplies bank routing information then payments shall be electronically transmitted to sales representative’s account.

*Checks will be sent by mail if the representative does not supply valid banking route directories.

*The company, at its disposal, may opt to supply a prepaid credit card in place of printed cheque.  If the sales representative supplies a valid email address then the company will notify the sales representative when the commissions are calculated.

Coinciding with the given email address, as a more economical option, JUST LED US recommends using e-Transfer services. Many financial institutions participate in the Interac e-Transfer and there is no cost to the independent sales representative or employee. To send or receive funds electronically through e-transfer you need to have access to online banking at a participating financial institution. Some participating financial institutions also offer the service through mobile banking. The fastest way to deposit an Interac e-Transfer is through online banking at a participating financial institution. We will need the employee’s email address and he/she will also need to know the answer to a security question that we will be setting up. Transfers are generally received within 2-3 hours, it’s that easy!

An Interac e-Transfer notification can only be sent to a Canadian mobile phone number.

Virtual Credit

*Virtual credit is defined as ‘credit’ that can be used on the JUST LED US Inc. web site in place of earring actual funds. Commission rates apply for sales of product.

*As an alternative to commission, if agreed upon, sales representative may obtain virtual credit for products or upgrades if they so choose. To obtain virtual credit the sales representative must ask in writing.

Virtual Credit in Relation to Copyright and Moral Rights Waiver

*Virtual Credit offered for items submitted and items used by JUST LED US will be based on quality, originality and marketability.

In consideration for the Literature, Content, Artwork, Photography JUST LED US will pay the Author/Artist/Photographer the sum set out hereby known as ‘Virtual Credit’, defined in section 2, paragraph 2 of this Agreement. This sum shall be the total consideration for the Literature, Content, Artwork, and/or Photography. The Author, Artist, photographer agrees that they shall have no future claim for royalties or compensation from the use of the Literature, Content, Artwork, and/or Photography.

*Only products that have the  JUST LED US Trademark are eligible for the rates and commissions that are laid out herein this document.

*Products that are of Businesses that have partnered with JUST LED US have their own rates and commission ratios. Generally starting at 5% like above and increasing now greater than 10% at this time.