Set forth herein below are the Social Media Rules and Regulations.

It is agreed upon by the sales representative and/or identified applicant, who represents that she/he is (18) years of age or older, and JUST LED US Inc. with administration offices in North Bay, Ontario herein called the company.

If representative chooses to utilize social media sites for endorsement of the products they can make statements, create written journal/diary, open active dialogue and place their own pictures or upload their own videos to make slideshows or video content of growing as long as our product is being showcased (visually) and there are references leading details directly to JUST LED US Inc. contact information such as phone number, mailing address, email address or JUST LED US Inc. official website address.

Media' Social Media Rules and Regulations

Social Engagement

JUST LED US Inc. will then have the opportunity to compensate the individual for their efforts in accordance with ‘Terms of Straight Commission’.  If such materials merit positive leads with customers, Sales representative may be eligible for a bonus.

Sales representative must not publicly display any illegal activities on any social media sites, this includes defamation (slander and libel). Failure to follow this stipulation will result in suspension of sales privileges pending a company investigation and if allegations are found to be of merit, sales representative will be immediately dismissed as such behaviour and/or activity will render this contract void.  If termination occurs all social media content that has referenced JUST LED US Inc. will have to be removed in a timely manner.

*Notwithstanding a dismissal JUST LED US Inc. will issue any and all commissions owed to the sales representative for their services of good faith, prior to said incident.

All Social Media sites and activities must be endorsed by the company and otherwise in a permanent retail establishment. Social Media sites that are endorsed by JUST LED US Inc. are listed as follows: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblar, Live Journal, Google+, Stumble Upon, Flickr, and approved Blog/Website.

Suggestions of other social media sites and personal business planning by representative may be submitted for approval to head office of JUST LED US Inc. in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

There are specific aspects of communications that JUST LED US Inc. accepts as appropriate to garner interest by sales representatives for potential customers/clients with our products and services.

Sales representative understands that they can use JUST LED US Inc. official website to present advertising of products, programs and service details to potential customers/clients but this is only acceptable in a direct sales fashion. No copy-written material can be taken to be used on any other web site.  The Sales representative understands that they shall use cell phones, tablets, iPads, Laptops, and/or their Home Computer to direct potential customers/clients to officially advertised details.

If an individual chooses to apply for sales representation position and by chance does not possess any form of electronic means to present advertising or to endorse products, services and information to potential customers/clients it is acceptable for them to make official prints of company information from our web site, provided that JUST LED US Inc. is informed and that company contact information is included.

The products shall only be advertised by JUST LED US Inc. website and associated professionally developed Social Media mediums. Furthermore, products shall not be sold by a representative directly, they shall only endorse through electronic media and through direct sales format that is authorized by JUST LED US Inc.

Sales representative understands that it is mandatory to display affiliation to company on their personal social media pages if they are using them for potential sales that connects them as a sales representative with JUST LED US Inc.

Sales representative further understands that this is to be transparent so potential customers/clients can use the representatives good name to officialise commission for the representative, and to commute due diligence if any question or concerns are raised by customers/clients.

The Sales Representative agrees to conduct his or her business in an ethical, honest and forthright way.  The sales representative agrees not to exaggerate product qualifications, materials, guarantee or craftsmanship.  The sales representative agrees not to misrepresent the company, its programs or products. Sales representative agrees to present any working materials that they have been given to endorse products.  The sales representative reserves the right to approach his or her business in any way that he or she see fit in the pursuit of sales and profits with respect to what is prescribed herein.

Sales representative agrees that all expenses incurred by the sales representative in the provision of services shall be incurred of her or his own account and be his or her own responsibility.  The company and the sales representative also agree that the terms of the sales representatives compensation for the provision of the services are entirely set forth in Rates and Terms of Commission.

Sales Representative understands that should they decide to terminate their employment prior to earning commission which is equal to the base amount associated to the demo kit/lamp’ there are two options:

i. Keep the lamp they start with at no extra cost
ii. Return it for full refund

The trade names, trademarks, service name and service marks are owned by JUST LED US Inc.  The use of trade names, trademarks, service name and service marks for JUST LED US Inc. shall only be permitted for the sale of products on a face to face in home basis.  The use of the corporate properties for any other purpose other than what is described herein is prohibited without prior written approval. To apply for approval the sales representative shall send a written proposal to the attention of the Administration Head Office in North Bay, Ontario.  In no event shall the sales rep be authorized to use the JUST LED US Inc. logo in any medium including, but not limited to business cards, directories, stationary, advertisements, phone listings, bank accounts or any other medium.