JLU Programs

JLU Programs

JUST LED US have a variety of customer relation programs that are unmatched in the marketplace.Cancer Patient and Survivor Pricing

*Want to provide Hope and promote gardening as a therapy? JUST LED US has those in need, in mind. We have Cancer Patient and Survivor Pricing, inquire within!

Encouraging people to participate in activity essentially in the practice of hope may well be highly therapeutic because it focuses on skills and aspirations rather than symptoms and deficits.

*Have you ever thought of what you are going to do for lighting, should your technology happen to break down?

Your garden will not survive in the dark, plants get food from light.Loaner Program

No other company on the market has a Loaner Program like JUST LED US! The JUST LED US Loaner program is for the customers who are in need of a light in emergency situations where they have to send their light in to JUST LED US Inc. for repairs.

Eligibility for some of the programs that are offered by JUST LED US Inc. are restricted based on geographical area.

*Have you eTrade in Specialver wondered about your aging lighting technology and how it slowly degrades, similarly to many electronics such as computers. As with many lighting technologies, grow lights performance degrade over time as their their output is rendered less efficient. This is directly related to spectral decay. For this simple reason JUST LED US created the Trade in Special.

We believe in giving options for growing gardens and the Gardeners, Amateurs & Professionals alike to take advantage of ‘upgrading’ through ‘Trade in Special’ program. We realize that some people may decide to expand their current and existing gardens. You may have different ideas or something new may be in mind to be grown.

The details of your plans may require different lighting arrangements. The ‘Trade in Special’ enables customers/clients to receive a preferred customer discount of 20% credit to your account so you can move forward with your new wish list item(s) with us at JUST LED US Inc.

* The JUST LED US Food Security Initiative will provide an important opportunity for food producers to recoup some of their production costs.JUST LED US Food Security Initiative

We are offering a reduced pricing plan for the lights that we carry for farmers and agri-food sector production facilities; this also reaches out to Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) farmers who are willing to form a plan to integrate giving of their produce to food banks.  We believe that our offer is one way in creating a sustainable, ecological, equitable, and prosperous food system in Ontario, as growing produce all year round is a fundamental concern for all Northern communities.

*Participation in the Recycling of Tech program is virtually the most responsible thing to do, rather than throwing the laRecycling of Tech Recommendations for the Use of Your Unitmps into the landfill. As an added bonus, if you participate in the program, we will email you a coupon for 5% off your next purchase which will be valid for use on our website.

The 5% discount offer is available for in home purchases. Alternate coupon is negotiable on case by case basis for batch submissions or businesses.