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Your Right Choice-Your Bright Choice

The potential savings should get you lit up on how much you can potentially save with the switch! Think of an animated light bulb beside you in a cloud, “A bulb that uses less energy, what a bright idea” The fact is, that very bulb in thought will eventually transcend your decision making into what is going to save you money!

Treating Depression with a SAD Lamp

We sometimes overlook the ‘little things’ in our lives such as JUST LED US-SAD Lamp-2environmental barriers that contribute to our daily well being. For example, when we are at liberty to give our bodies/organism an abundance of natural light in the summer months we feel ‘rejuvenated’ and ‘energized’ seemingly from a natural state of being. In the winter months we do not receive such a natural gift and thus may require a SAD Light.

LEDs for Seasonal Affective Disorder

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? Who gets SAD? What are the Symptoms of SAD? What are some of the conditions which benefit from Light Therapy? What are the Causes of SAD? What products can I use as a Supplement for SAD? For more Intense Light Sources (Medium & Large) How and When Do I use my Unit for Therapy? Warning and Fast Facts

Recycling of Tech

Participating in the program is virtually the most responsible thing to do.We will email a return shipping slip and also a coupon for 5% off any grow light related product.