Treating Depression with a SAD Lamp

Treating Depression with a SAD Lamp

‘Productivity’ is an important aspect of personal and business (work) life. As ‘individuals’ or ’employers’ we all play an integral part in being proactive in our health. After all, a healthy individual contributes to a healthy associate within the company structure, and it is obvious that a proactive ‘approach’ for health and wellness is of the utmost importance.

‘Mental health’ is an industry and recognizing that it is bombarded with a heavy workflow and cutbacks is something that contributes to turnaround. At times, it seems that the structure as a whole is placing additional strain on private firms, their employees and the ability to keep a positive work-oriented flow.

When society comes to stigmatize the mental health of an individual as an ‘illness’, we diminish our capacity to promote a positive outlook through our day to day interactions with others. Many people have their individual reasons as to ‘how’ they approach the subject. When it all comes down to it, sometimes the stigma is internalized through self dialogue and this is the simple explanation of self misdiagnosis. There are so many factors which contribute to ‘health and wellness’ issues, some go unnoticed and untreated for great lengths of time. When the individual enables themselves to look for treatment they also empower themselves to look for a ‘holistic and alternative’ approach to self healing.

For instance: We sometimes overlook the ‘little things’ in our lives such as JUST LED US-SAD Lamp-2environmental barriers that contribute to our daily well being. For example, when we are at liberty to give our bodies/organism an abundance of natural light in the summer months we feel ‘rejuvenated’ and ‘energized’ seemingly from a natural state of being. In the winter months we do not receive such a natural gift and thus may require a SAD Light.

The environment which we provide ourselves with plays a vital role in our health just as the environment where we are employed is vital to the contribution to these aspects, bilaterally. When we really dig into this issue, ‘health’ and ‘wellness’ is a group issue. Thus, employers who have a good group policy are the ones ‘all of us’ should be looking for. After all, having a manager who fixes problems is one who you really want to be working for!

Improving recognition for treatment is not the only opportunity for employers but also for individuals, within themselves. It is only ‘natural’ to want to feel good and continue to do so. As such, an employer who wants you to be doing well, in all aspects of your life, is one who is promoting ‘health and wellness’.

I for one, concur that the most effective workplace mental health strategies will acknowledge the complexity of the problem and address all aspects in a comprehensive way. However, there are still limitations which are placed onto this subjective by the ‘individual’ and the key role to the approach still lies within.

Loss of work productivity is a major issue for everyone and is a pivotal aspect of society as a whole. It is time we put into place a positive sense of respect and emphasis into each other, to diminish the barriers we have created, through positive reinforcement.

‘Treatment’ is not always best perceived as an ailment. Promoting a positive atmosphere and community involvement is key as it focuses on skills and aspirations rather than symptoms and deficits. There is no doubt in my mind, through encouragement, people tend to participate in activity and that in itself is highly therapeutic.

These are very much so, attributes to the individual recognizing the need to seek help and for the follow up upon decision making toward a treatment plan and solution. It occurs to me that if the ‘littlest of things’ can contribute to the ‘larger aspect as a whole’ than we all owe it to ourselves to find new ways to ‘heal’. “As a living being we can surely see the connection between social and personal growth which reflects on the importance of the physical environment and how people approach other living things in connection with themselves.

These are attributes to not only physical health but one’s mental health as well.” Hope Heals

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