Our Pledge to Charities

JUST LED US Inc. is committed to many outlets within organizations; we have strong opinions in relation to the environment and sustainability that we hope to share with Charities through future involvements.  We encourage everyone in our organization to be collaborative in the nature of giving back so we pledge that 3% of all of our sales will go towards the select charities which have opted to come on-board with us.

We are of service in issues such as anti hunger, food security and protecting the environment which will help toward biodiversity conservation to improve the value of protected areas and our future with water supplies and food.

By working together, we see ourselves toward a common goal. Our company and our clients/customers are contributing to ecological means to produce food in a way that has a substantially less negative effect on biodiversity and associated ecosystem services and, indeed, should be able to contribute to their persistence and enhancement for quality of life.

We conclude that our efforts of personal and business contributions are necessary to make advances in ecology work for reconciling biodiversity conservation and food security and the right to a healthy environment.

If you are a charity who has an interest in partnering with JUST LED US, or who has been directed here by one of our passionate sales representatives, please take an opportunity to introduce your cause.  Tell us a little bit about your charity and explain how our organizations can benefit each other and we will get back to you, promptly.


Charity-Ambitions, Personal Dedications and Beliefs

As mentioned, a JUST LED US sales representative may have introduced you to this pledge and as such we are open to setting goals with them.  Collaboratively, we want to focus on achieving those ambitions for their personal dedications and beliefs.  We want to strive to make every effort to adapt a personal touch through this process to identify the steps needed to achieve success.

The charity and fundraising initiatives will be offered as ‘options’ on our site for consumers to submit their choice of a charity/fundraising when they are making their purchase, or when registering their product.  As a third safeguard to our promise JUST LED US will select a charity to give to in the cases where the consumer does not make a selection from our listed charities.

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