CityLink-Yellow Bug Light

CityLink-Yellow Bug Light

During certain seasons of the year, in various climates, we are swarmCity Link Yellow (3) Nighted by different species of bugs and insects that inherently are thought of as pests.

Don’t let these insect invaders motivate you to move back inside, keeping you from enjoying and relaxing in your sitting area on your porch or deck. A natural way to deter these wonders of nature is to illuminate a ‘yellow‘ light around your outside entertaining area.

There are both incandescent and CFL varieties available on the market today which have their own attributes of inefficiency. However, now, through JUST LED US you have the added bonus of low cost-long life Yellow LED lights with your very own City Link which is an environmentally friendly way of keeping away all sorts of bugs without killing them!

How Does Yellow Light detract Insects?
Many types of insects have trouble perceiving light with a lower colour temperature, such as the colour yellow. A wide variety of insects are attracted to short wavelength blue and near ultravioletblack light) sources. Standard incandescent light bulbs emit both short and long wavelengths so they attract flying insects. Yellow bug lights do not repel bugs – they just don’t attract as many as standard bulbs because the insects cannot see the yellow light as well as they can see blue or ultraviolet light. One of the most important aspects we forget is that the warmth of the incandescent and CFL lights (Infra-red) also attribute to the attraction of flying insects. The City Link-Yellow emits no IR, therefore they are running at a cooler temperature than their traditional lighting counterparts thus making them a superior choice for your outdoor entertaining area.

The City Link-Yellow has an adhesive strip on the back of each of the 10 modules and the total cord length is 140″ and can be daisy chained end to end for coverage of large areas. Environmental protection is an important part of environmental health, but it has typically focused more on the affect that our environment has on human health rather than the effect that humans have on the environment.  Weather you decide to illuminate the top or the bottom of your deck railings or the underside of your table the LED City Link-Yellow ensures that you and your guests will also enjoy the fact that you have made the most environmentally sound choice to enjoy the evening together as you have placed an emphasis on a practical, applied solution to such a simple problem.

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