LED Ingenuity for Beauty

LED Ingenuity for Beauty

Have you ever looked into your vanity mirror while applying your final touches, thinking LED Ingenuity for Beautythat everything looks flawless, only to find, moments later, that in different lighting you needed to make a few adjustments?

You may have thought, “I am running late now but I have to fix my eyeliner and my blush is way too overdone.” You may very well have applied all the best techniques, however, the one thing you may not have factored in to your process was lighting.

When questioning different types of lighting for your vanity mirror always ask…

Am I providing myself with enough natural light?

To achieve the most natural and pure illumination natural lighting is always going to be the best! If you can’t position yourself with an ample amount of natural lighting the next best thing would be to look for lighting with a high (CRI)-Colour rendering Index.

How your eyes perceive different colors of illuminated light is extremely important when it comes to makeup. If your current lighting has a low Colour Rendering Index you may find yourself making small adjustments when you take that second look under natural light due to discoloration and blemishes that you may not have observed earlier. Your skin tone may have seemed to have matched and your shadow crease may have had the appropriate depth, but the simple fact is it doesn’t match at all once you step out into the daylight.

Do LEDs have a High CRI?

As with natural light most LEDs have a high colour rendering index which are the most unforgiving forms of light in terms of being able to see every imperfection, next to an ample amount of natural light. City Link-Bright White LEDs have a high ColourRendering Index and they allow you to observe and see exactly as you are (closest to natural light). This will enable you to get a better visualization of what you want to detract from or enhance.

Do you want to save time in front of the mirror?

The time you put into yourself when attempting to detract or enhance certain attributes to your creative expression is valuable. Seeing the true colour of your concealer, foundation, eye shadows, lipstick, etc are a very important aspect in saving time and from unwanted frustration as over processing can lead to a noticeably unnatural look. Correctly completing your daily routine or that extra special glamour look that you set out to accomplish will be completed accurately; leaving you feeling confident and assured that surrounding your vanity mirror with our City Link-Bright White LED is an invaluable tool in making your make-up routine go smoothly and flawlessly.

The City Link illuminates your vanity mirror from all angles with 3 LEDs per module. Using a City Link-Bright White is doubtlessly a way to achieve more even illumination as the light sources are evenly distributed from the top, the bottom and your two sides. The CityLink allows for highlighting of all areas of your face and provides great task lighting.

There is an adhesive strip on the back of each of the 10 modules and the total cord length is 140″ and can be daisy chained end to end for coverage of large areas.

Please contact us today as City Link is exclusively sold by JUST LED US, is UL approved and is 18w. This product will provide you with a lifetime of use to accentuate your natural beauty.

Written by: Darryl Nelson and Sara Cooke