Premium LED Lights for Residential, Indoor Plants, LED bulbs, Tubes, and other Eco-friendly LEDs in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and other Cities in Canada and the USA

Our Residential LED Lighting products are ideal for all areas of the home and can also be commonly used in offices, laboratories, hospitals, garages, backyards, outside areas that need to be lit such as waiting rooms, walls, walkways, parking and many field work applications. Switching to JUST LED US Residential LED lighting solutions will extend the life time of your product selection which will save you money in electrical savings alone! LED technology will reduce your carbon footprint all the while you will be helping to preserve the environment.

Our company is a Canadian and American leader, providing a wide range of energy saving, high quality LED products in Canada and the USA. Marked by innovative technology, practical functionality, and environmentally friendly features, the LEDs we carry are ideal for your indoor plants and/or for your residential lighting needs.

Switch to JUST LED US for your Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Horticultural LED Grow Light solutions. Our residential customers have a variety of LED light bulbs or fixtures that meet the needs of their home or residence with products ranging from A19’s, Candle-light, GU10, MR16, PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR 38, Down Lights, Flush Mounts and T8’s.

JUST LED US’s history, experience and approach to manufacturing and engineering LED products ensure that our residential lighting products stand out among the products of our competitors as we only offer Premium Residential LED Lighting.

JUST LED US be your bulb and lighting fixture provider! We offer consulting for new and retrofit lighting projects. We are inventive and offer eco-friendly solutions that benefit our customers wellness while contributing to the long-term sustainability of the environment. Our commitment to healthier living through sustainable products continues to grow as we continuously add to our selection of LEDs for more energy-efficient options available to our customers. To date, our ever expanding company serves multiple locations in Ontario and area and also ships our products including grow lights, residential and commercial LED products to Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg and other parts of Canada and the USA.

JUST LED US’s consultation, history, experience and approach to manufacturing, engineering and providing LED products ensure that our residential and commercial lighting products stand out among the products of our competitors.

Whether it’s UL, CSA, Energy Star or DLC certified/listed products, you will benefit from the highest level of quality that comes from our products as they are duly tested and certified according to Canadian and American standards.

Experience the improvements LEDs can make in your life today. Browse through our selection of UL/ CSA/ DLC and Energy Star certified LED products and get the ideal addition for your garden, home or business.

For product inquiries, wholesale price quotes or for an estimate for retrofit and/or new projects contact us today at 705.303.3797 or 1.888.276.3937 (toll free).