Your Right Choice-Your Bright Choice

Your Right Choice-Your Bright Choice

Canada, United States and many other countries have long ago rolled out the announcement of the ban of 75 and 100 watt incandescent bulbs. The phase out cycle typically is to improve the efficiency of residential and commercial light bulbs and to reduce carbon emissions. As we all embrace the lifestyle of a more green minded mentality we can easily forget that we once (or still currently) consume upwards of 80% of wasted energy from our lighting.

The potential savings should get you lit up on how much you can potentially save with the switch! Think of an animated light bulb beside you in a cloud, “A bulb that uses less energy, what a bright idea” The fact is, that very bulb in thought will eventually transcend your decision making into saving money for your family and home!

Switching your household or business to LEDs will improve energy efficiency directly through the reduction of the amount of energy used and thus reduces greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention the use of LEDs will lower your monthly electrical payments as much as 80%.

There are still some misconceptions regarding LED lighting prices. Some people still say, “The prices will go down so it pays to wait”. The truth is that the major LED chip price drops have already happened; the rest will be incremental. The energy savings from upgrading to LEDs right now, far exceed any modest price declines in LED-based fixtures. So waiting for a price drop will cost more in energy savings than savings from LED price declines.

Energy is something all Canadians and Americans consume on a moment to moment basis and it is expensive to generate, distribute and manage. When it comes down to it, JUST LED US ask you; how much money are you willing to throw away? When considering the upgrade to LEDs your initial investment comes to a small price in your immediate and long term – future savings.

JUST LED US is pleased to announce that we now stock PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 Energy Star Certified – LED replacement bulbs.

Your Right Choice-Your Bright ChoicePAR20 are a great retrofit bulb as they are an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent, halogen equivalent light bulbs. While offering 20 times the life it consumes only 9W of energy and the luminous flux is 600lm while providing 25,000 hours of lifetime.

PAR 30 are great retrofit and are an energy-efficient replacement for traditional 75W light sources. While offering 20 times the life it consumes only 12Wof energy and the ‘luminous flux’ is 840lm while providing 25,000 hours of lifetime.

PAR38 is intended to be a high-quality replacement for 120W halogen/incandescent lamps. While offering 20 times the life it consumes only 15W of energy and the luminous flux is 1105lm while providing 25,000 hours of lifetime.

All three products contribute to a green lighting alternative. Generally PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 bulbs are home or commercial grade applications (depending on your requirements) and have an equivalent base to A shaped bulbs. They share the same Colour Temperature’ at 2700K, ‘Colour Rendering Index’ at 80 and all three offer a ‘Warm White’ Colour. One of the most attractive aspects of these LED replacements is that they are ‘Dimmable’.