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Almost all the products flowing through logistics networks are packaged, mainly to promote or protect the product. The JUST LED US packaging is the same across the whole distribution channel, we keep it simple and consider the environment before labeling it with ink and packaging it with multiple marketing sources. This concept is a naturally occurring choice when it comes to issues of sustainability and eco friendly choices.

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JUST LED US Packaging

The use of eco-friendly inks and printing techniques is on the rise as the packaging world continues its drive to reduce its environmental impact. There are some inks that are available that support eco friendly packaging, but when it comes down to it, no ink is the friendliest. While most packaging in consumerism is brightly coloured mainly to improve the products appearance and assist in promoting marketing and advertising JUST LED US kept the no ink solution in mind for environmental reasons and to minimize costs for the end user.

JUST LED US is also known to reduce, reuse and recycle for similar reasons even though the process of recycling contributes to major economic and environmental benefits, it also has economic and environmental costs that burden both the environment and our economy when not processed properly. Please keep in mind that our plain box approach and packaging contents are imposed to protect and preserve the contents and our sticker is to identify the product basic information. Other than these very few key factors we know we have done our best to minimize diversity on capital equipment which keeps the expense to the end user minimal and the complexity in producing our product within FDA compliance.

What will I expect to see when opening the box once it arrives?

You will expect to see, a foam barrier protecting the backside of the unit.  Once you remove it you will Just LED US Packagingfind a few key things such as basic instructions, a hanging kit and the power chord.  The unit will have a thin plastic barrier around it (WARNING for safety please opt to) and it will be neatly placed in the rest of its protective foam packaging (keep the box and this customized foam).

At this time it is our preposition to keep the vast majority on environmental variables in mind to eliminate solvents which contribute to eco-integrations that heavily reduces and eliminates a reliance on petroleum and suppresses costly pollution abatement programs. If you feel our product is over packaged, contact us, send us a message about your concerns and suggestions on reducing packaging. If you feel that our product packaging is environmentally un-friendly please take the time to at least explain why as your opinion matters. Your voice could be the one that contributes to the tipping point that is taken into consideration for voluntary action by us.

Everyone plays an important role in consumerism and together we are Judiciously Uniting Strengths Together as Leadership (&) Education Develops Understanding (of) Sustainability.

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If you’re thinking of purchasing an LED lamp or considering our product think about taking the time to review it for other buyers, as everyone can learn from another person’s experience. The reviews from other consumers will also help make good judgments about what will best serve your needs when you are deciding between companies, their products, programs, services and customer care.