JUST LED US Programs

Recycling of Tech & Recommendation for Use of Your Unit

Recycling of Tech

Participating in the program is virtually the most responsible thing to do.We will email a return shipping slip and also a coupon for 5% off any grow light related product.
Unfortunate Breakdowns-Timing Is Everything

Unfortunate Breakdowns

Unfortunate breakdowns do occur with technology and in such cases JUST LED US Inc. places excellence at the forefront of service.
Loaner Program

Loaner Program

The Loaner program is for customers who are in need of a light in emergency situations where they have to send their light in to JUST LED US for repairs.
Trade in Special

Trade In Special

At JUST LED US Inc, we realize the importance of quality…
Cancer Patient and Survivor Pricing

Cancer Patient and Survivor Pricing

We decided to offer Cancer Patient and Survivor Pricing to people affected by cancer because we have been directly impacted by cancer.