Safely Hanging My Grow Light

When first viewing your planned gardening area ask yourself, “Am I Safely Hanging My Grow Light ?”

You can utilize the use of your COB Series lights horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Hanging your grow light horizontally is the general way and most obvious choice for most people to hang their grow light as their garden’s canopy is growing from the floor area upward. As your plantation grows, you may have to adjust the height of your light’s positioning.

Hanging your grow light horizontally

Hanging your Grow Light Horizontally

However, there are a few options which an in home gardener may need to utilize for maximum light penetration as some plantations tend to grow out to become highly dense. Therefore, hanging your light vertically and/or diagonally is beneficial in such situations. Some gardeners may choose to utilize a vertically or diagonally hung light as a supplementary source to provide maximum coverage throughout the whole canopy.

If you decide to use the unit vertically, prevent all vents from being blocked to allow maximum air flow through all vents, as air circulation is important not only for your unit but for your plants as well.

Vertically-Diagonally Hung

Vertically-Diagonally Hung

Diagonally Hung Grow Light

Anchor all Satellite Buckles

Many of us believe that we simply do not have the space to garden within our home. JUST LED US make a few suggestions before you continue to neglect that blank space on the wall or the side of your cupboard which can be easily converted into a small space herb garden or a living mural which can be showcased as an entertainment piece while dining with your friends. Such space is very useful as the option of vertical gardening is an urban approach that brings beauty and life to your home and to the dishes that you serve to your family, ushering a new crunch with fresh leafy greens or delivering a new aroma from your very own herb garden.

Ask one of our customer care specialists or social sellers about the positioning your grow light for your gardening plans and area. One suggestion may shed light on your new gardening adventure. We are ready to assist you no matter the plant species.

Back to the Lights: (A few general rules of thumb)
• Remember to leave space for your unit to push air freely through the vent spacing on the side panels.
• Make sure your light is properly mounted, to prevent injury to yourself, your garden or your light.
• JUST LED US luminaries are suitable for damp locations but do not get them wet or immerse it in water. In circumstances where water may be used, turn off the unit and make sure it is in a position where it is away from all sources of water.