How Do I Install My LED Grow Light

How do I install my LED grow light ?

You should always use the provided minimum standard gauge twisted steel stranded wires which are made of reinforced aluminum.

Aluminum Hanging KitThe dimensions of the supplied cable that come with our units are as follows: 48 steel wires twisted together with an integral sleeve, they are approximately 1.46mm in diameter and 400mm long. The hanging kit consists of one buckle and four satellite buckles, where the minimum diameter for the main buckle is 6.3mm and the minimum diameter for the satellite buckles are 4.1mm.


The carabiner(s) that are attached to the end of the reinforced aluminum cable shall be applied to attach to the ‘mount hook assembly’, made of reinforced steel, which is anchored to the LED luminaries’ fixture itself.

• We encourage anchoring your lamp using materials that will support the weight of your lamp.  Ex.    Affixing your lamp in a position that is in drywall may require precaution, for this you may need to use a drywall anchor.

• Use the gauge of cable that is supplied with the unit and ALWAYS use all four (x4) anchors.

• The weight of the unit determines the size and quality of a hook that is needed to safely mount the portable luminary device (LED grow light). The hooks that are provided are passed in accordance to the testing done by CSA.

The hooks that are provided can be used to suspend the LED grow light in the following conditions: For a plaster, dry wall, or similar ceiling by way of 2″x 4″ studs and for a wood, acoustical tile, or similar ceiling consumer should use 1″ x 2″ furring strips.

Do not use a hook that is of different material or lesser of caliber or gauge than the one that has been supplied as it may result in being insufficient to suspend the weight of the light safely.

Do not mount the light to a surface other than suggested or in an inappropriate fashion that may result in an unsafe situation. This recommendation is made for your personal safety associated to hanging or suspending your luminary and also to maintaining the life of your unit from physical damage.

Remember: You may want to adjust your light during your gardens growth cycle.