Cancer Patient and Survivor Pricing

There are a lot of different views and articles in the media and within various documents written by professionals expressing stories that link food-additives, chemicals and food colouring with cancer risk. Many people are left confused with the conflicting information and tend to feel overwhelmed with the presentation of the resulting information.

Most people around the whole globe would agree that the most important connections with reducing cancer risk would be weight loss, exercise and a healthier diet.

Plant foods offer natural compounds which protect our cells in a number of ways including thousands of phytochemicals, many are antioxidants that protect and repair our DNA. Some antioxidants appear to affect cancer cells, which in turn, control how they grow and spread. Also, the vitamins and minerals in fruits, vegetables, ‘whole’ grains and bean families also help repair DNA and control cell growth as well.

It is quite apparent that some foods have a direct relation to specific types of cancer. Some studies have established that fiber seems to lower the risk of colon cancer and there is an ample amount of relevant information which shows the benefits of eating ‘whole’ foods because they contain less fat and calories.

Eating organically tends to be more expensive, the costs related to the benefits of eating a diet higher in nutrients and protective phytochemicals should not necessarily be a concern in your everyday grocery listing.

Growing your own organic food is not only a healthier option and therapeutic for our lifestyles, it also assures you of the complete value of food that is not sprayed with pesticides leaving residues which most non organic crops contain. This helps all of us regain a sort of control which for some people is a necessity for their everyday health and well being.

JUST LED US Cancer Patient Pricing

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It is obvious that purchasing organically grown foods is more expensive and no one should have to be deprived of healthy food because they can’t afford it. For example if you’re eating fewer fruits and vegetables just so you can afford them, this is not a good idea.  You have other options. For instance, when using your very own LED grow lights you can produce a variety of leafy greens for your diet as it promotes nutritional diversity. Different foods have different amounts of nutrients. By growing and eating a variety of fresh leafy greens, you’ll get a more balanced amount of vitamins and minerals all year round.

We have made the decision to offer our lights at a reduced price for cancer patients (Cancer Patient and Survivor Pricing) because we have directly experienced the impact which relates to having cancer.  Cancer Patient and Survivor Pricing program is to offset the costs associated to organically grown food produce to promote well being to those who are in need of such gratification, through recovery as well.

There are many reasons to conclude that gardening is therapeutic – there are benefits because of increased exercise, increased knowledge and skills, improved diet as well as cognitive and social benefits.

All we ask is for you to blog on our site about your health journey regarding such things as your positive outlook, your strengths, your willingness to push forward through struggles & be triumphant in relation to your thoughts and feelings of well being associated to therapeutic efforts through gardening and eating organically.

Secondly, share our website and our social media pages as well as the articles contained in them with your friends and families and raise awareness of how our offering is helping you.

If you ‘Care to’ raise funds and give to your own treatment centre by influencing the world with your wealth of knowledge through gardening and being social please see the JUST LED US Charities page to see how we can work together and achieve much for what we believe in.

If you are interested, please send us a personal message to get started with enrollment of our offer. Tell us a bit about yourself. We will get back to you in a timely manner. Once you have initiated your interest please check back on our site periodically for new blog topics.  Alternatively, if you choose, send in a topic for an article for review.

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