Buyer Beware

LED Grow Lights Canada-Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware (product safety): Are the grow lights you are considering purchasing certified according to National Standards such as CSA, UL? There are many websites who offer grow lights all over the world througBuyer Bewareh online communities and stores, mainly from industrialized countries such as Canada, USA, Europe and China.  Some of these companies offer service and after-sales but many do not. It is great to have an offering of after-service in your neighbourhood but we feel it is in the utmost interest for people to be aware of the quality and standardization which those products have or haven’t gone through.

It is important to consider that the parts within the units may not have been certified according to Canadian and American standards. If these products do not carry a certification you know and trust you should look for a company that does offer a product which is passed with such standardization to assure you that they have went through rigorous testing procedures, for your overall safety and well being. This includes safety alerts and product recalls. Procedural testing helps make the world a safer and more sustainable place as national standardization of codes are often referenced in government regulations in the U.S., Canada and around the world.  Standards are developed in a wide range of subject areas that speak about product safety and performance, process improvement, best practices and safer work environments and sustainability.

Most of us have never heard of standards, and yet we come into contact with standards every day sometimes without even giving it a second thought.  It’s hard to imagine a world without them. Standards contribute to safer homes, workplaces and public spaces. They address issues related to sustainability and the environment and they encourage the adoption of new technologies and best practices and ultimately these very standards help advance today, while anticipating tomorrow.

*There are two primary concerns of regulations and they have to do with Electrical Safety and Fire Safety regarding the consumer, their health and well being.

Did you know that your insurance company will not cover you should your non certified product become faulty and be the cause of an electrical shortage or a fire?