ight is Vital for Photosynthesis

Light is Vital for Photosynthesis

Think of one of your experiences on one of the various Great Lakes or the ocean, all of them have waves. Waves are disturbances, ripples on the water, and they possess a certain height (amplitude), with a certain number of waves rushing past you every minute (the frequency) and all moving at a characteristic speed across the water (the wave speed). Notice the distance between successive waves? That's called the wavelength. If we assume that the waves are successive or intermittent, we can find a pattern and quite literally speculate at the miracles that are unfolding right in front of our eyes in the visible light spectrum.
Light Intensity and Duration

Light Intensity and Duration

There are two important factors for providing light to house plants which are intensity and duration. Of course we all know there are varying intensities of light and the term which we use to calculate the intensity are referred to as PAR, photo-synthetically active radiation. Amount of light exposure is based on plant types typically in ranges between 8 to 18 hours. But when working with High intensity LED’s, the nutrient and water intake with certain plant families may be reduced slightly.