JLU are CSA Approved

JLU are CSA Approved

The JUST LED US Inc. LED grow lights bear a CSA Portable Luminaire Label mark and as you can see our master contract number is adjacent to the CSA mark.  These marks indicate that our products have gone through rigorous testing and are eligible for the marketplace in Canada and the USA.

To investigate the certifications that apply to the JUST LED US grow lights please see our document titled, certificate of compliance information.  This is to formally confirm that our portable luminaries meet the standards of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) – Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), National Evaluation Service (NES) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

CSA is accredited by the above mentioned regulatory body’s and they have tested our grow lights in accordance with regulations concluding that our products are compliant for both the USA and Canadian market.

You will also observe that we have a few other certificates governing the production of our products:

*CE has found these portable luminaries to be in compliance with the council EMC 2004/108/EC.
*RoHS fulfills that testing requirements of the RoHS directive 2011/65/EC has been fulfilled.
*FCC declaration states that the submitted device complies with all of the FCC rules.

For more details on product compliance and consumer safety please see subtitle below: JUST LED US vs Competitors-Electrical Standards for Manufacturers and Importers

Buyer beware! Compliance Canada and USA

Our products have been stored in the CSA DCTM (Certified Product Listing). CSA Group’s Product Certified Listing search is case sensitive and for some criteria an abbreviated search phrase is best suited to acquire results. The key search information that you will want to enter is as follows:

•Keyword: Portable Luminaries
•Manufacturer: Just LED (Case sensitive)
•Class: 3451-01
•File Number: 262295

We have went ahead and posted all of these searches for you. The following  screenshots are the results of the search parameters, given above. Should you decide to conduct your own search remember that you only need to use one of the search queries at a time, entering all of the search parameters will result in “Your search produced no results”.

Portable Luminaries Search

Keyword: Portable Luminaries

Portable Luminaries Results

Keyword: Portable Luminaries – Results

Manufacturer Search-Result

Manufacturer Search-Result

File Number 262295 Search-Result

File Number 262295 Search-Result

Class Number 3451 - 01 Search

Class Number 3451 – 01 Search

Class Number 3451 - 01 Results

Class Number 3451 – 01 Results

Please see the following link which already has the search query for ‘File Number’ filled with our master contract number ‘*262295’. Scroll down to the bottom of page and you’ll be able to confirm that JUST LED US indeed has been listed on the CSA Certified Product Listing Page.

Products should be either “Certified” or “Labeled” depending on the process they went through. Our products have been approved according to North American Standards with CSA, a known and trustedCompliance vs Violationmonogram assuring consumers that we have thoughtfully placed and tested individual parts inside the units for consumer safety. Companies such as CSA work with businesses, organizations and code authorities all around the world to help create and facilitate a safer, more sustainable world for people and for business. From testing & certifying products for safety & performance requirements, and also to develop leading-edge, consensus-based standards to support tomorrow’s technology.  We chose CSA because they continually develop solutions that strive to promote safety and industry and society as they have been established as the Canadian Engineering Standards Association (CESA) since 1919.

Of the companies who sell lamps that contain components and parts some are listed with CSA or UL. Due to high quality standards these types of parts tend to be slightly more expensive, thus overall, the lamps are expensive as well.  Consumer’s can be assured that there safety has been taken into consideration and held with high regard by companies who have taken this step.  Safety plays an important role in achieving safe, code compliant installations.

Some companies are using ‘generic’ parts for some of the components and parts in their led lamps which contribute to non compliance of certifications and of which that do not pass strict procedures according to North American Standards by companies such as CSAUL or Intertek . Please note that some of these items include but are not limited to powers supplies, fans, wires, lamp beads, socket switches, LED brackets and the LEDs themselves. In simple terms, since some of the parts have not been tested and listed with CSA/UL these solid state grow lights do not meet standards set out to meet the consumer’s needs regarding safety and quality assurance according to the national standards association of Canada or America.   This also indicates that the unauthorized or non-certified products may not hold an ethical safety rating. In other words, the components may not be made of standardized quality therefore the integrity of your purchase may be diminished. Buyer beware, use at own risk!