Guarantee Comparison

Guarantee Comparison

JUST LED US has a 90 day Hassle Free Guarantee, no restocking fee as long as you keep your original contents. Whereas manGuarantee Comparisony companies, vendors and e-commerce stores host a 30 or 60 day Warranty for out of country manufacturers and, no matter what, they charge you a restocking fee.

If you don’t know much about the technology of LED grow lights but you are interested in growing a few leafy greens or tending to a small indoor garden, don’t worry, we can help you choose the right light for your growing needs.  We encourage you to give one of our grow lights a try and if you are not fully convinced that LEDs are the ‘wave’ of your ‘growing’ future, then you can return it.

JUST LED US also has a Limited Manufacturers Warranty and also a one of a kind JUST LED US Extended Warranty. There is no other grow light manufacturers that have a guarantee like ours. Dare to compare.

Competitor’s Guarantee:

Look out for vendors who import grow lights from foreign companies and sell the product with little to no recourse for the consumer when there is breakdown. There are various stores/vendors who will only host a 1 year overall warranty policy and if your technology breaks down, in most cases the consumer is left with little local option. This type of policy may be in place even though the manufacturer warranty exceeds that of the one that is set out by the vendor.

JUST LED US ask…why is this vendor only hosting a partial warranty period for the same product?

Below we have outlined the course of action a consumer will have follow with other companies and vendors to return a product in its warranty period or if it breaks down after the purchased products warranty time has exceeded.

• The first option would be to inquire about customer service feedback-needs with the vendor, or distributor which sold the product to you (if they are still in business). JUST LED US warn you that there are many online websites you can visit where grow lights are being sold, however many of these sites are being run from our of country, being sold in foreign dollars and also the distributor is really doesn’t know much more than a beginner would know.

Ask yourself:

•How reputable does this website look to me?Guarantee Comparison-Apples and Oranges

•Are they going to be in business down the road when I may need them?
If they aren’t in business anymore, you will be left searching for your own parts and doing your own repairs.

•The second option would be for the consumer to send the lamp back to the country of origin (where it was made) as you would imagine there will be heavy shipping rates because of the size and weight of the item, not to mention the associated costs for duties that you will have to assume as well. Remember! If you are concerned with your privacy, this may be one area that your concerns will be impartial to.

•The third option for the consumer is the offer of the manufacturer to send the parts. At least with this option there is some hope for successive maintenance and fix but the consumer is still responsible for cost of the parts, shipping and duties and also left with the task of dis-assembly, and reassembly of the unit. Again, Remember! If you are concerned with your privacy, this may be one area that your concerns will be impartial to.

•JUST LED US wants to point out, buyer beware as the consumer/purchaser may not receive parts, until you send the company in question money for replacement parts, with no refunds on parts.

•JUST LED US hosts an in Country approach, where we even have programs to help you and your garden in a time of need called the JUST LED US Loaner Program. No other company on the market serves this type of program.

Competitive Analysis: (worst case scenario)

Recently we read about a foreign company who has a 5 year guarantee, Awesome!

•But yet the customer has to pay for the parts if something goes wrong and malfunctions.

•A number of the foreign companies like this offer repair and parts for free but the purchaser/consumer is responsible for the costs of shipping, both ways of transit.

•Have you ever inquired about an estimate on the freight for shipping to China and back to North America?

When you include the time it takes to ship your item back to China and then round trip to you again, you have missed some valuable growing time and the cost of the freight.

•Another instance of buyer beware is when a company states that the drivers/power supply only have a 1 year guarantee, notwithstanding their 5 year Guarantee. JUST LED US think about this for a second….when we read this we thought, something doesn’t seem right.

Are their drivers CSA or UL approved? Is the driver(s) that this company are placing into their product line even stable according to North American Standards?

•If a company is stating that the consumer has to pay for drivers/power supply within their guarantee, buyer beware, their product may not be stable.

Solution: Buy local. JUST LED US be your grow light specialist we are CSA approved.