Shining UV Light on Nail Art

nail art

Getting your nails done – getting a manicure and or pedicure/nail art – can be a very relaxing experience and usually tends to be a great deal more involved than just getting some nail polish. However, if you’re wanting to do a basic nail at home with regular nail polish and a gel UV top coat, the process is very similar (layers that are slowly added and dried in between coats) but can be done at home. UV top coats are similar to regular top coats, but they need to be cured under UV for approximately 3 minutes. Make sure that all of the other coats of polish you applied are dry before applying your top coat or you will inevitably need to start all over again.

There are a few popular ways to get your nails done. When it comes down to it, we are creating works of art! Your nail art may be one that I am going to touch on that needs the use of an LED UV nail lamp to cure the product that has been used on your nails. Thus, the title, Shining UV Light on Nail Art!

Gel Nails

Gel Nails have a similar consistency to nail polish. Gels are brushed onto your nails, nail tips, or nail appliques to extend the length of your nail. After each coat is applied, your nails must be put under ultraviolet (UV) light for up to two minutes to “cure” or harden the product. It is advised that before being exposed to UV, use a lotion with UV protection the night before and just prior to exposure.

Gels are more expensive than acrylics, but they have a glossier finish, your nails are not scraped (as they would be with some acrylics) and are not as prone to chipping. So, they may hold their color longer, and in so doing would give you value for your money.

Similar to acrylics, gels do grow out with your nails and need to be filled in every two to three weeks. It is a relatively quick fix to fill in the empty space between the gel nail and the nail bed.

Most gel nails can be removed by soaking them in nail polish remover, however this does not work for everyone when trying this at home. It may be best to go back to your nail technician for this step. With gel and acrylics alike there are a few ways you could get an infection in your nail bed. They are: minor trauma that causes your gel nail to lift your entire nail off, and water getting between the nail and the gel or acrylic.

Gels are considered to be the more eco-friendly option to acrylic because they do not give off fumes or odors of any kind.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails are a mix of liquid with a powder that is then brushed onto your nails. Depending on your preference, they can either cover your entire nail, or you can get tips or a flexible form that can be sculpted to extend your nails.

Acrylic tends to have a strong odor, therefore, good ventilation is important. Some nail technicians will use a UV gel primer on top of the acrylic and if this is the case then you will not be air drying but using an LED UV nail lamp for the curing process which will significantly cut down on drying time.

As with gels, over time, acrylics grow out with your nails. Every two to three weeks, you will need to return to your nail technician to have your nails filled in. The process is very similar to having your gel nails filled in.

Another similarity between gels and acrylics is the possibility of getting infections; from minor trauma that can take the whole nail off the nail bed, to a small gap between the nail and acrylic where bacteria can get in and grow.

JUST LED US is now listing new products for nail art! The 48W CCFL UV LED-Gel-Acrylic Nail Lamp for professional and personal use. This item can be used to speed drying time for regular polish as well as it is a fan and UV light combo. This nail lamp has a life span of 50000 hours, 3 timer buttons, an optional LCD display, 12V DC input, 48W UV Gel lamp, stainless steel reflective area, quick drying time and higher power than other nail lamps of the same design as well as a lovely azure flower pattern design on the front of the light.

Similar to the 48W we are also offering the 36W CCFL & LED-Gel-Acrylic Nail Lamp for professional and personal use. This item can be used to speed drying time for regular polish as well as it is a fan and UV light combo. This nail lamp has a life span of 50000 hours, 3 timer buttons, 12V DC input, 36W UV Gel lamp, stainless steel reflective area, quick drying time and comes in 2 vivid colours, pink and red.

The 9W Personal Mini-Gel-Acrylic Nail Lamp is meant for personal use. It has a lifespan of 50000 hours, 9W UV Gel lamp, stainless steel, scratch resistant surface, on/off button, timer for 30 second intervals up to 120 seconds, it’s very portable, it offers quick drying time and comes in 5 appealing colours (red, rose, pink and green).